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Merry meet and my warmest greetings to you, kind traveler!

Welcome to my humble abode on the world wide web! Please relax, sit a spell, and I shall tell you of the Witches of old and the Great Goddesses they worshipped. The purpose of this website is to educate and empower women spiritually, especially those who have been oppressed during their lives. I welcome everyone, regardless of age, race, socio-economic status, religion, sexual orientation, and gender.

Before I go any further, there may be a few people reading this and readying themselves to send me a few "You-are-evil-so-prepare-to-burn-in-hell-witch" e-mails. While some people may blame an entire religion and its teachings on these kinds of actions, I come from the point of view in which it is the PEOPLE, not the religion itself that does this. To say that all Christians, Jews, Muslims, etc hate people who practice Witchcraft and show their contempt is an unfair generalization. While a religion may say that Witches are evil and must be annihilated, it is the responsibility of the person to detemine whether or not said beliefs and orders should be carried out. This is why we have free will.
So, before spamming me, please take a moment to contemplate whether or not sending such e-mail is of any use:

1. Will it promote "morality" in a meaningful way?

2. Are such actions really promoting the love of God, or is it a way to increase church membership?

3. Do these actions follow through on the belief that you must "love your neighbor as you love yourself?"

4. Has a person who is of a particular religion done you wrong and you believe that all people of that religion are exactly the same way?

If you still believe that ALL Witches are inherently evil, then I simply ask that you move on to another website that may be of interest to you.

Well, with that being said and done, I invite you to explore the beauty that is the Goddess, as well as those who honor Her.

May you feel welcome in the presence of the Goddess!


Mommy's little angel

This is my website's guard cat, Tucson. Proceed with caution.

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10/18/2003 - E-mail issue fixed. Removed the guestbook. Now you know why I hate spammers with a cold-hearted passion.
07/23/2003 - I'm still alive! Unfortunately, I haven't had the time nor the motivation to regularly update this site. I apologize. Once I figure out what's going on, I'll resume updates. Until then, enjoy what I ACTUALLY have posted! Also, the e-mail addy is no longer functioning.
08/23/2002 - I will be on hiatus for a bit due to upcoming surgery. Out of boredom, I added a scary picture of myself from when I was 14. I apologize for the bad quality of the pic; my scanner is revolting against me.  Aside from major weight loss, having far longer hair, and having my nose pierced, I don't look any different.  I still have that shirt too! ;D
06/10/2002 - Small overhaul, but nothing that would freak anyone out.  Added a new link... blah blah blah...

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